Design by Antonia

Design by Antonia Antonia's creations have a cosmopolitan flavour. Her designs succeed in combining the universal with thepersonal. Her innate talent and craftsmanship is fed by an inexhaustible curiosity and constant desire to innovate. For Antonia, home is where we feel secure; it is the cornerstone of our natural wellbeing. Elegant lines, fragrances, restrained colours and delicate craftsmanship result in a successful blend of folksy inspiration and the desire for traditional values. The modern design is enriched by nostalgic references, meeting the needs of an audience that likes to be reminded of its cultural roots.

Years of savoir-faire and craftsmanship

All products made by L'Esprit du sud are made by traditional methods. Our lamp stands, lampshades are handmade by us with a passion for our work. And this loving attention makes our design pieces look fabulous!


L'esprit du sud works with natural materials only. We use driftwood that have washed up on shore, for example, from who knows which distant origin. Recyled oyster shells lend a magical mother-of-pearl sheen to the lamps which now decorate many beach or town house, hotel or restaurant.

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